Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stop Gawking At Me!

So, today I went to dinner in the JE Dining Hall with Lusdy and Adrea. AS SOON AS I walked in to get my food, 3 (yes, 3) dining hall workers came out from the back, stood by the door and just stared at me. This happens every single time I go into the JE dining hall (and in Commons) and it's getting more annoying by the day.
People tell me to ignore them and, trust me, I try. I've done that for the past three and a half years and I'm getting tired of it. What makes you think it's okay to walk out in a group of 3 and stare at me? Can I live? Can I eat? The least you could do is come out one-at-a-time and try to be discreet about it. Or how about saying hello or something? But no. You just want to GAWK at me and talk amongst yourselves. Can I have my face back please? I do not come to my dining hall just so you can look at me.
So, my advice to the dining hall workers: Stop gawking at me! Grow up! Get a hobby! Before you end up looking for a new job!
Keepin' it 100.
Timeica E


  1. These dudes are straight foolish and probably should be reported.

    At the same time, Timeica E, can you fault them for being human beings? Beauty is hard to pass by. *Kidding.* Their treatment is just uncalled for. They need to learn how to be professional.

  2. lol at kevin's comment. sorry about that teb. i always just assume they're really proud/happy to see beautiful black women at Yale. words would be the polite way to go but maybe they're speechless?

    anyway, only a few more months of dealing with this specific annoyance

  3. If you get really annoyed, walk up to them and say "I'm right here", while pointing at your eyes. You could say "Have a good day" after to try to let them know you're still civil, but COME ON- they need to learn.