Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monogamy Is Beautiful

I spend a lot of time thinking about love and relationships. I'm in a long-distance, long-term, monogamous relationship and I love it. I see a lot of my friends pretend to be monogamous but keep a "friend" or two on the side. I see friends play "the game" and keep multiple boyfriends or girlfriends because people "can't be trusted." These same people like to give me advice about how stupid it is to be monogamous at such a young age and how I should be exploring and blah blah blah.

I always hear, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But why not? All of my eggs fit comfortably in my basket. Meanwhile, you're spreading your eggs out in more than one basket, which is doing nothing but adding weight and strain to your life.

Whenever I see Corey, I feel a happiness that I can't explain. When he holds me, I feel safe. When I look at his heart, I see my reflection. Now, I don't expect many people to understand this because not many people have felt that way. But don't judge me for putting all my eggs in one basket because, one day, you'll get tired of carrying around multiple baskets and you'll wish you were me.

This is for my friends (and others) who fool themselves and their mates into thinking they're monogamous when they're not. This is also for my friends (and others) who complain about not being in a relationship but are too afraid to put all their eggs in one basket and see what happens. Most importantly, this is for all the people who judge those of us in monogamous relationships, whether you say it out loud or just think it. We can feel your negative, judging vibes so don't play yourself. Remember that life is about taking risks so don't be afraid to try it out and don't judge people because it works both ways.


  1. Right on. Having this mentality is so hard for us (young, sexy, talented college students) to do. I applaud you Timeica because it is really difficult in today's time to be monogamous and not even think about "playing the game." But you and Corey have a great things going on and putting all of your eggs in one basket will reap beautifully in the future. Kudos to you for this post and I gotta say, I'mma follow suit and see what happens.

  2. This is great Timeica. You are lucky and blessed. You have found a basket in which all your eggs fit comfortably and when my basket and I find each other, there will be absolutely no reason to be putting any of my eggs in other baskets. I applaud you for this though :) (Yemu)

  3. Kevin! It really is hard for "us"! Lolol

    Solid post Ms. E. I must say though, be wise with your EGGS!!! they are precious! When you find the right basket, throw em in but until then don't be too free, if that basket smashes them up and stomps all over them, they can't be put back together. Humpty Dumpty.

  4. haha Ivy. "humpty dumpty". but, too true, too true.

  5. But that has a lot to do with knowing the value of your eggs and being able to pick a good basket. Maybe that should be my next post.